Bug Off

Bug and road grime remover for motorcycles.Bug off is a concentrated foam developed to remove bugs and stubborn road grime from all areas of your motorcycle. It is safe to use on glass, lacquer, plastic and metal and due to the absence of silicon it can also be used around brake discs.

FS 365

FS 365 is a blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water, forming a stable micro-solution that can only be separated by evaporation. FS 365 forms an effective barrier against corrosion and oxidisation, clinging to all surfaces. FS 365 is water soluble and thereby inherently biodegradable.FS 365 is designed to be re-applied to build up a protective coating. gives all year protection from corrosion.


The original & best aluminium polish. Cleans chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper etc. removes corrosion, tarnish and discolouration from Cars, motorbikes boats etc.